Mario Borg

BBus(Acc) MBA
FBAA Accepted Mentor and MFAA Endorsed Mentor 

For Mario, deciding to leave a well-paid senior position in financial services was a life-changing decision that he had to make to achieve his goal of launching his own business and building a secure financial future for his family.

When Mario Borg entered the mortgage broking industry in 2004, he didn't anticipate that he would establish two successful brokerages, hit the $1 billion settlement milestone and become a broker mentor and coach.

Mario is professionally qualified as an MBA, in addition to other undergraduate qualifications across the accounting and finance disciplines.

Mario has been recognised as one of Australia’s top Mortgage Brokers having been listed on the MPA Top 100 prestige leaderboard for 12 years running. Mario attributes his broking success to helping his clients get ahead financially, by providing strategic finance advice, and by helping them understand the need to ensure their quality of living can be sustained when their earning capacity is past its peak.

Mario is an MFAA Endorsed Mortgage Broker Mentor, an FBAA Accepted Mortgage Broker Mentor, and a Business & Success Coach for Mortgage Brokers.

Mario has personally built a multi-million dollar property portfolio and is an active and passionate property investor and developer. Mario has been acknowledged by the mortgage industry with multiple awards.

Mario’s comments are sought after as he was regularly featured in the Australian Financial Review and in the Domain section of The Age - during his mortgage broking career. He has also appeared on several occasions on Channel 7 news commenting on interest rate movements.

Andrew Tan

FBAA Accepted Mentor and MFAA Endorsed Mentor

Andrew Tan is a successful mortgage broker mentor with a proven track record of helping others achieve their financial goals.

After a successful career in engineering, Andrew decided to go self-employed and co-founded Capital Power Pty Ltd, a mortgage broking company. Using his engineering expertise, he implemented innovative processes that resulted in faster application-to-settlement turnaround times and improved customer experiences.

In 2003, Andrew co-founded Members First Broker Network Pty Ltd, a mortgage sub-aggregator that quickly became one of PLAN Australia’s most successful super-groups in the industry. When the company was sold in 2012, its mortgage portfolio was worth around $2 billion.

Andrew is a highly respected mentor and educator in the mortgage industry. He is passionate about helping new and existing mortgage brokers achieve their full potential. His innovative use of technology and systems has helped many brokers to make their businesses more profitable and robust.

Andrew is a true advocate for mortgage brokers and their clients. He is committed to transforming the mortgage industry and helping brokers and their businesses become very successful.

Key points:

  • Andrew Tan is a successful mortgage broker mentor with a proven track record.
  • He is passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals.
  • He is an innovative user of technology and systems to help brokers make their businesses more profitable.
  • He is a true advocate for mortgage brokers and their clients.
  • Andrew is an MFAA Endorsed Mentor and an FBAA Accepted Mentor.

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