Are you a Strategic Mortgage Broker or an Order Taker?

Would you consider yourself to be a Strategic Mortgage Broker?

Here are some interesting questions:

  • Who do you think would win the clients’ immediate business?
  • Who do you think would win the clients’ trust?
  • Who do you think would win the clients’ ongoing business?

The simple fact is this.

An order taker may win the client’s business on the spot – particularly if the client is rate focused or is someone in a hurry.

But the old saying is true.

The tortoise always wins the race

It may take you much longer formulating a lending strategy for your clients – a lending strategy that carefully considers the clients goals, key objectives, and considers their bigger picture.

But if your game plan is to build a client base of clients who trust you, and who become raving fans, then there is no substitute for spending the necessary time upfront to provide your clients with advice which they can trust, now and into the future.

Be a Strategic Broker and watch your business grown steadily and in a robust way.



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