Comfortable or Uncomfortable

If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.

Most people in life are cruising and will never reach their potential.

If this is the road you want to take, that is cool.

But if you want more, be more, achieve more, and have more, then there’s only one formula that works:  Work your butt off, take risks (emotionally and financially) and get out of your comfort zone!

It is that simple. It is not easy, but it is a simple formula.

Work hard, take risks, and just keep going!

Many people set goals once a year, usually around Christmas for the year ahead.

By the end of January they have forgotten about them because life got busy all of a sudden.

Goals without action is just a wish.

Goals with an action plan and execution yields results.

But you must be prepared to do the work.

That means early mornings, late nights, accepting rejection, hustle, and continue to punch through all the challenges thrown your way.

Mortgage Broking (in its current form) is one of the best businesses around, and is one of the most financially rewarding businesses you can take part in.

This is not BS speak or theory, I speak from first-hand experience.

Yes, it is hard work, and right now it is more frustrating than ever before, but show me a business that doesn’t come with its own challenges?

The current storm will pass, and those that are still around when “normality” returns will enjoy the ocean of business (and money) that is out there to be taken.

Leverage is key.

Be smart with your time.

Implement the systems and processes necessary to be efficient with your time.

Finally, stop comparing yourself to all the glitter on social media.

Anyone can put on a mask, but how real are they?

Work your butt off, prospect hard, hustle, persist, and just keep moving forward.

This will result in clients hunting you down wanting to use your services, again and again.

Hope this helps you in some way or reminds you of what you already know.


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