How good are your conversions?


How good is your follow up process and follow up system?

Put the TV on mute and pay close attention to this article.  It will make you money!

Do you know the number one reason a successful broker has a high conversion rate?

Yes, skill is one attribute.  But nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a broker with a super-charged follow-up system.


Being technically competent is important in our game, but to convert more leads you need to be persistent and stay in regular contact with the prospect until you win the business.

Sometimes it takes weeks, even months, before the prospect needs you and your services.  Many brokers lose interest if the prospect is not ready to use their services right away.  This is insane!

If you work every prospect like it was your only enquiry and you don’t give up until they say “Yes”, you will convert more.

Of course some prospects won’t be motivated to act unless there’s a deadline (such as a settlement date) and therefore they’ll take their time to act.  If this is the case, then your job is to remain top of mind regularly and show value through your ongoing advice.

If you don’t stay close to your prospect, someone else will.  Simple!

Every enquiry should be loaded as a contact on Mercury (or whatever CRM you use), and a new opportunity created, with a ‘next follow-up date’ or TASK noted.

Don’t waste a good lead.  Be persistent and stay close to every prospect.

At the same time, qualify well to ensure you don’t waste your valuable time on the wrong people.

Use your intuition and judgement.


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