Let’s talk about success as we close a very strange year

Success is a term often misunderstood. One can be successful with money but empty in other areas of their life.

The best statement I have ever come across is this… “success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure” – Tony Robbins (renowned coach and entrepreneur).

As we count down the final days of this very strange year, I thought it was timely to reflect on 2020 and the key lessons we can all take away from it.

This year has been nothing like anyone could have imagined. Whilst it has knocked us all for a six (plus some), there are some very valuable lessons we can all take away as it will help us move forward – in all facets of life – in a bigger and better way.

2020 got me thinking more about the true meaning of success. After all, what is success? Is success just about money and wealth? Or is it more about being content and fulfilled? Or is it a combination of both?

The year 2020 has effected every human being on this planet in some shape or form. For some, this strange COVID year has been a blessing whilst for others, it’s been traumatic. No matter which side of the fence you are on, there are key lessons we can all take away from it.

For me, 2020 helped me redefine the true meaning of success. Before COVID came along, I got lost in financial success as I allowed the material world to shape my thinking. COVID was a true blessing for me as it made me realise that success is much more than just money and wealth – it’s also about being content and fulfilled. Whilst I always knew this, perhaps I hadn’t acted on it as much as I do now. As Tony Robbins put it… “where focus goes energy flows”.

Money buys things and experiences but it won’t buy you happiness and fulfilment. Money makes the world go round and is a necessity, no matter what your relationship with money is.

If you’ve worked out how to make money in abundance, then you are an exception. But if you can make money in abundance and enjoy it with fulfilment, then you are a minority.

If you haven’t worked out your definition of success, perhaps the following will guide you…


Define what success means to you

Jot down – and visualise – what success looks like for you. This can include a variety of areas in your life such as Health, Wealth, Fitness, Freedom, Personal, Business, and so on.

Knowing your purpose is a good start. If you get stuck, go internal and you’ll find it.


What do you exactly need to do to achieve it

Under each category, you design, jot down exactly what you need to do to achieve it. For example, if you have a health goal to lose weight in the new year, write down the exact weight you want to shed, what you need to do to achieve it, by when, and how you will track and measure your success.


Plan your pitfalls

Life is never a straight line so plan accordingly. Be prepared for life’s uncertainties and plan how you will ensure you remain on track to achieve your bigger picture.



If you’re not held to account, chances are you’ll fall short of what you want to achieve.

If you want to hold yourself to account, then commit to a daily ritual of what you will do, how you will do it, and how you will measure it to ensure you remain on track.


Take action

The best-made plans are worthless unless you take action – enough said..!!


Weekly review with yourself (look back – look forward)

How will you know you’re on track to achieving the success you want?

It’s important to check-in with yourself at least once a week to look back on how you’re tracking with what you committed to. This way if you’re getting off track, you can look forward and make the necessary adjustments.


In closing

Success is a marathon – not a sprint. Allow yourself time to grow and prosper accordingly.

I think it’s also important to remind you what you already know – your life has an expiry date – which no one knows when. Most people act like they’re going to live forever – cut the illusion as it will hold you back.

Make 2021 your best year yet by really understanding what success means to you. If you’ve achieved (or are achieving) success but feel unfulfilled, then go back to the basics and use the above as a guide to help you plan and better manage your life to achieve the ultimate – which is success and fulfilment.


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