Marketing is not about being unique

Not far from where I live is a restaurant with an interesting cuisine.  The sign says that it is a Indian-Hungarian restaurant.  When I first saw this, I thought it was a new twist on fusion cuisine.  And this must be one of the few restaurants where you can order Stroganoff and Vindaloo together.

Needless to say I am not sure how successful this restaurant is. 

It is unique and different.  And certainly, made me take notice – but does it work?  Does this mean that this restaurant has the most delicious Indian and Hungarian food?  Or is the combination only a marketing ploy? 

Would a similar strategy by a mortgage broker work – by being so different that it would make people take notice?  And drive lots of business to that broker?  Would customers accept this?

Your business should be different – but by the way your business adds value to your customers, and not concentrate on the uniqueness of the products, like the cheapest or most special home loan.

Instead you should build your professional reputation differently – by being better than the competition through good advice, great service and fantastic customer reviews. 

Something along the lines of Mario Borg’s business?

The focus should be on what will make your business profitable in the long run.  What will customers remember your business by?  Is it because of the experience that they received?  By having an educational focus, rather than being sales oriented. 

The question you should ask is “how does your business add value to your customers”.

And if you say that it is about the cheapest home loan, then you have missed the point.

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