My top 3 issues to focus on

Last year, Niik Stewart (coach to celebrities, executives, and businesses) was training at my gym and approached me:

“Mario, you’re a positive successful guy in the mortgage game. Today I’m presenting to around 200 brokers hosted by The Adviser New Broker Academy.

What would you say to the room are your top 3 most important issues to focus on in order to succeed in the mortgage game?”

Here’s what immediately sprung to mind:


Get your mindset tuned for success, and maintain a positive mind (always). Feed your mind with constant (daily) positive content (e.g. podcasts, CDs, books, mentors).

Make it a daily habit to feed your mind with the right stuff.

You are the average of the 5 closest people to you, so choose carefully.

If you want to settle $50m in home loans in the next 12 months, then surround yourself around at $50m a year broker/s – as you will gravitate in that direction.

If you associate with a $10m a year broker, you’ll hear all the reasons why it’s so hard.

You can’t be all things to all people.

Be the best in one area of finance and become a master at it (e.g. residential home loans).

Create a position in the market that people need you, and that they will hunt you down – as you are the best in the business and most knowledgeable in your area of specialty.

Could this be your point of difference?

I hope the above helps you in some way, or perhaps serves as a reminder of what you already know.

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