Prabal Sharda

I had the pleasure of working with Masters Broker Group (Andrew Tan & Mario Borg) as my mortgage broker mentors, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the invaluable guidance and support provided throughout the entire process.

From the very first meeting, Andrew Tan demonstrated a deep understanding of the mortgage industry and a passion for helping others succeed.

The mentorship program was tailored to my specific needs, and Both Andrew Tan and Mario Borg went above and beyond to ensure I gained a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the mortgage broker profession.

Prabal Sharda
Credex Mortgage Solutions

I joined Masters Broker Group 4 months ago (Aug 2022). Having been in the mortgage broking industry for the past 7 years and being a part of many different licencees, groups and companies throughout my career, Masters Broker Group is by far the best experience yet.

Having Andrew and Mario as mentors has only been the most positive experience and I feel very fortunate to be a part of such an amazing team. Starting my own Mortgage broking business was daunting but the team at Masters Broker Group have made it easy and shown me that if you put your mind to something you can do it.

Thank you for all your support and guidance and look forward to continuing to grow with this newfound family.

I would highly recommend any broker to join this fantastic group of people, this is one of a kind licensee to be a part of.

Teri Maloon
Integr8 Finance Solutions

Having already completed two years of mentorship with another group, it was imperative to me that my next mentor was one that could not only continue to support my learning but also take me to that next level of business coaching.

Masters Broker Group offers the perfect platform for both and it has been the best decision I could have made. The perfect blend of support and learning in an ever-evolving industry – coupled with hands-on experience to pass on, when it comes to running a successful business.

I could not recommend Masters Broker Group more highly.

Adele Andrews
Australian Property Home Loans

The team at Masters Broker Group are second to none.

Highly experienced, knowledgeable on a deep level, always available and very responsive.

Highly recommended.

Peter Haidary
Sandbox Finance

Grace Bowe

It’s hard to overstate just how incredible Masters Broker Group is.

For anyone new to industry, or even anyone who has been a mortgage broker for a while but wants to have hands on coaching, support and guidance from the very best, I can’t recommend joining Masters Broker Group enough.

The coaches perfectly complement each other, and their coaching structure focuses on BOTH technical and softer skills.

It’s no secret that being recognised as a MPA Top 100 Broker is an achievement that most brokers would aspire to, and here in Masters Broker Group we’re lucky to have a Top 100 broker share his actual blueprint of how he did it.

Joining this group is hands down the best decision I’ve made as a mortgage broker.

Grace Bowe

Masters Broker Group is a very well-known brand in the industry, and I have experienced their expertise firsthand. Their training sessions not only keep you updated with industry knowledge but also helps you on how to handle everyday business dilemmas.

Mario is a multitalented mentor and there are many things to learn from him. I would like to call out for his listening power and method on how to encounter the problem. He listens to the mentee very well and comes out with such a clear solution, this clarity comes as an eye opener in many cases. I love to be around with a mentor like Mario who is himself a successful billion-dollar broker. A true gentleman!

At the same time, Andrew is truly genius when it comes to actual loan lodgment. In today’s changing world technology plays a big part and Andrew’s technical skills comes in very handy. Andrew has mastered lender policies very well and have developed some great resources which comes in handy when you are going through the loan lodgment process. I have streamlined my processes with the help of Andrew’s expertise. I always found myself well covered in Andrew’s company.

Mario and Andrew are perfect combination of soft and technical skills. I love their effort to create family environments at Masters Broker Group. I am glad I choose Masters Broker Group as mentor for my business to guide. I recommend them as mentor to any newbie starting their broking business or existing broker who is looking for a change.

Sandy Brahmbhatt
Robust Mortgage Gain

Andrew and Mario and Masters Broker Group, are very supportive and provide excellent guidance at the initial stage of the mortgage broker services and then take on the mantel of helping you to achieve a level higher than you would aspire to achieve in your business.

They are very passionate about the industry they operate. Would highly recommend them as your mentors.

Aloysius De Almeida
Skilled Finance

I have been a member of Masters Broker Group since March 2021 and I highly recommend Andrew Tan and Mario Borg.

Having researched all my options back then, I decided to go with Masters Broker Group, which now I can say is the best business decision I have made so far.

They have been instrumental in my mortgage broking journey and I am really glad that I decided to go with them.

Andrew and Mario both are passionate about what they do.

With their industry knowledge and experience, I have the support and guidance from the experts in the industry which has given me the confidence to build my mortgage broking business.

I really do appreciate about the fact that they are readily available when I am looking to resolve or looking for some answers.

Masters Broker Group provides regular lender updates and conducts workshops, and it is a great platform for the members to share their experiences and ideas.

I look forward to the mortgage broking journey with Masters Broker Group.

Big thank you to both Andrew and Mario for your continued support.

Sweeni Sahabandu
Blooming Finance

In order to grow my business it was imperative that I found great mentors.

I could not recommend Mario and Andrew from Masters Broker Group highly enough.

Their knowledge, resources and connections within the industry has been invaluable. I have also received a lot of support from senior members of the group which has been great.

I look forward to working with the group and watching it evolve for many years to come.


Tom Carmody
Craft Financial

I feel very lucky that I could start my new career as a mortgage broker with Masters Broker Group.

Knowing that I have Andrew and Mario at my back, I could focus on learning and growing so I could help my clients immediately.

Their accumulated combined knowledge and experience are invaluable and well built in the system.

Moreover they are genuinely interested in growing together as a group by creating a positive influence group environment.

Love the weekly zoom gathering with extended MBG family that gives not only the industry update but also the feeling of belonging.

I highly recommend Andrew and Mario to anyone who is thinking to start or switch!

Jenice Lee
Finance Star

Dillon Neupane

Starting out as a new mortgage broker with non-finance background, it was daunting but having both Andrew and Mario at Masters Broker Group as a mentor and business coach I can confidently say that I have established my mortgage broking business quite successfully.

I have found Masters Broker Group a great support for me to build my business from the start.

With Andrew and Mario’s experience and knowledge, I have the support and guidance of an Industry professional which gives me confidence and credibility, when I talk to clients or potential clients and referral partners.

They are passionate about the industry, and they have positive attitude and enthusiasm on helping and supporting their mentee to achieve set goals.

They facilitate frequent workshops providing an invaluable opportunity to come together and exchange ideas and experiences with the other brokers in our group.

Overall, I am very much delighted with their guidance and support in helping my business grow.

I highly recommend Andrew and Mario from MBG to anyone seeking to success in their mortgage broking Business

Dillon Neupane
Goodwill Finance

Kevin Poh

If you want to succeed in Mortgage Broking Career, you must join Masters Broker Group.

I highly recommend Andrew Tan, Mario Borg, and Master Broker Group.

Both Andrew and Mario have decades of industry experience.

They are very supportive in helping their mentee and MBG members to grow their business and knowledge.

Every week, they will keep us up to date with the recent legislation change or bank policy changes.

Andrew & Mario, Thanks for your many years of support.

Kevin Poh
Ace Broker

Andrew and Mario have been invaluable to my progression in Mortgage broking.

I truly admire the guidance and support I receive when looking for answers.

I would highly recommend them for any brokers willing to seek mentorship under them.

It’s just not technical skills advice you get from them, but the guidance you get ensures you to be successful in your mortgage business providing great outcomes for your customers and for yourself.

In my journey so far I can definitely say that I have made very good decision of joining them and looking forward to many success stories to come.

Srikanth Chowdary
Thought Financial

Andrew and Mario have been very supportive in assisting me get up to speed very quickly in my broking career.

Their experience and prompt advice has also assisted me with some difficult loan applications.

Plus their knowledge of the ‘back-end’s systems has been very useful with making sure the loan processing process was smooth.

Thanks Andrew and Mario!

I would also like to add their monthly training program has been very useful as has the involvement of the fellow participants and their experience.

Michael Royal
BIR Solutions

I am based in Sydney but I never felt that my mentors are in Melbourne, as Andrew and Mario both are very supportive and reachable at any time.They go above and beyond your expectation to serve you.

They are not just mentors, they are very successful industry experts to guide and to walk on path they are walking.

I highly recommend either of them to be your mentors and rate them 5 out of 5

Keshab Chapagain
BK Lending Solutions

Mortgage broking would definitely be in the ‘too hard’ basket if it weren’t for Andrew and Mario.

I’ve settled 40 loans in the first 9 months and enjoyed constant (all hours) support.

Can’t thank you both enough

Stuart Murray
Perceptive Finance

It is great to have the support from two of the best in the Industry, Andrew and Mario.

Their knowledge and expertise is second to none and for me they are only one phone call away.

The advice and mentoring I have received has made my transition from wages to self employed an easy one.

I would highly recommend them to anyone

Duy Tran
Certified Lending

I am so thankful to have Andrew Tan and Mario Borg with their wealth of experience and knowledge at my disposal which has provided me with the motivation and challenge to succeed as a new mortgage broker.

I am very impressed with the amount of care, support and patience that is provided in mentoring new brokers like myself and love all the workshops that is provided.

I could not be more happy to be part of the Masters Broker Group family and would highly recommend to other new brokers.

Michael Lam
23 Mortgage Solutions

With my banking experience, I wanted to start my own mortgage brokering business I came to know about Masters Broker Group through a friend of mine. As soon as I started working with them I realise why my Friend recommended them to me.

Andrew and Mario are excellent personalities, they were very easy to approach and the experience and the knowledge they had about the industry helped me immensely to grow my business.

Srikanth Amuhengoda
SGH Home Loans

When I started my business this year it was really important that I engaged the right mentoring company.  A friend suggested Masters Broker Group and I have never looked back.

Andrew and Mario have a wealth of experience both as mortgage brokers and business owners, and with their support and guidance I know my business will be a huge success.

I highly recommend Masters Broker Group.

Nikki Berzin
Cherry Lending and Finance

After working for a large mortgage company, I realised I needed to start my own business to become financially independent in the long run and to help many friends and community members to get the mortgage that works best for them.

Andrew has been an exceptional mentor going above and beyond helping me succeed with his practical advice and industry knowledge.

Mario has also given me great tips on how to set up a successful mortgage business.

Shimon Szmerling
Sapphire Loans

I have found the workshops to be particularly useful, especially those workshops which showcased strategies involving lead generation and targeted marketing to a particular potential referral partner. Both Andrew and Mario have a wealth of experience in this industry and passed on their hints and tips quite effectively.

With their guidance, I have been able to generate leads from sources which would have been unlikely otherwise.

(Finalist 2016 – Connective Excellence Awards)

Adrian Willenberg
Broker Intelligence

I am a new broker to the industry and have Andrew Tan as my mentor.  I have nothing but high regards for him. He is professional, knowledgeable and is always available. He is the best in the business as he has already achieved great heights in mortgage broking industry, which I hope to achieve through his guidance.

(Finalist 2018 – Australian Broking Awards and 2019 Better Business Award Winner)

Vinay Gehi
Copper Finance

Masters Broker Group is a great way pathway for brokers who are new to the industry.

Masters Broker Group help brokers grow their business in a systematic and structured way.

They run consistent workshops where it brings brokers together to engage in intensive discussion regarding all types of scenarios and the mortgage brokering industry in general.

Mark McColl (Broker Support Manager)

Masters Broker Group is a great platform for the newbies that’s run by two experienced mentors – Andrew Tan and Mario Borg.Andrew and Mario provide advice, training and support to all the newbies whenever you need them.

With a good mentor to guide in the right way, you will succeed in the short term!

Highly recommend both of them.

Kelly Goh
Alpine Financial Services

Mentor that always responds promptly when you are in need.

For someone new to the industry, that is very important.

Tak Wah Lee
Mandarin Financial

Andrew Tan is your man!  Loan writer, teacher, industry expert.

You won’t survive without a mentor.

Richard Rault
Mount Eliza Home Loans and Finance

I highly recommend Andrew Tan.  He really knows all aspects of his craft.  Multiple solutions for a scenario as he has a lot of industry experience. Masters Broker Group are a great organisation to mentor brokers.

A combination of a systematic approach, technical skills and real world experience helps brokers push through barriers to achieve greatness.

If there is a gold standard of what broker mentoring should be: Andrew and Mario are it!

Uma Mahadeva
Objective Financial Solutions

A great experience being mentored by Masters Broker Group.

Their knowledge and passion for finance so second to none.

Nick Bowring
Mi Loan Financial Services

I worked with Andrew since 2008.  His ongoing assistance, advice and training proved invaluable in the success of my business.  I would recommend anyone looking at entering the mortgage industry to get in contact with Andrew and take advantage of his wealth of knowledge.

James Barrell
Nexus Money

I engaged Mario Borg as my Mentor as I felt I was missing Clarity and Accountability, and I wanted to take my Finance & Property Advisory business to another level.I had a good idea on what had to be done, however like most of us I was caught up in the day-to-day running of my business and I let myself get away with this for some time.

I engaged Mario’s mentoring services as a result of his reputation in the industry; someone who has achieved a high level of success with his own mortgage broking business.

Through Mario’s guidance I feel that I now have clarity, a better sense of direction, and a much more focused business that I am looking forward to continually grow and improve.

The systems and processes, tools and templates, and framework that Mario shared with me and which I have now implemented in my own business are truly second to none.

I highly recommend Mario’s services to any business wanting to take their business forward.

Jo Attard
Jo Attard and Co

I have known Mario Borg in a professional capacity since 2004.  I met him about 6 months after starting Mortgage Achievers – his previous mortgage broking business.Mario is an extremely hard working professional, dedicated, honest person that always gives 110% to whatever he’s doing – he doesn’t ever do things by halves!

Mario has achieved great success in the mortgage industry and is very well respected.

I commend Mario on his willingness to share his knowledge to help the broking industry prosper.  Mario is always focused on delivering value.

Mario pours his heart into everything he does and I’d always highly recommend working with him.

Stuart Wemyss
ProSolution Private Clients

I have known Andrew for over 10yrs.  If there is ever a person you need to clarify detail, get to the heart of a situation, or simply just get the job done then Andrew is my person of choice.He will never “promise the world” without ensuring everything is in place.

I respect Andrew for what he has achieved in business, and how he has achieved it.

Tina Pupello
Finance Tactics

I know you guys said it to us a 1000 times but I was shocked how easy opportunities come about when you get out there and tell people you do finance and believe in yourself.  I cannot believe I wasted so much time not moving forward not doing such a simple thing.

Just using the CRM by recording all leads  has helped me get organised.  For the first time I’m having a belief I will succeed in finance because I’m getting leads and started to put myself out there.  Your workshops were invaluable.

Jeff Lambadaridis

Andrew and Mario have been a great source of support and encouragement in helping my business grow and succeed.  They are excellent mentors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

They have taught me systems and strategies that have helped my business become more efficient and effective.

Jonathan Elias

Andrew is truly a master at what he does. His ideas on client segmentation and making the most out of each contact is inspirational and among the best tools a Mortgage Broker can have.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and Mario (MBG) to any Mortgage Broker who wants to improve their business and increase their bottom line.

Steve Lake
Investors Direct

Mario’s unwavering adherence to quality systems and industry best practice is apparent.

This is how you get to make it on and stay on our Industry Leadership Boards.

Therese O’Neill
Alphabroker Mentoring

Andrew has been a guiding light for all aspects of my business.

His creative advice and outstanding industry knowledge has helped my business grow from average to outstanding.

Phoebe Blamey
Clover Financial Solutions

Both Andrew and Mario have extensive experience in the Mortgage Industry. They are both highly regarded for their expertise in building and supporting many successful broking businesses around the country.
Mario is a highly awarded industry Mortgage Broker with a proven track record.

Andrew was a co-founder of a leading National Aggregation Business and together they have both compiled detailed training and support for those looking to Master the business of Mortgage Broking.

John Kolenda
Finsure Finance and Insurance

Mario gave me a practical, proven road map and the systems he used to build his own highly successful mortgage broking business.

I can’t recommend him highly enough for brokers wanting to build their own businesses.

Steve Morrison
The Loan Operator

Andrew has been a crucial partner in growing my business.  His dynamic methods for leveraging systems and technology to improve my bottom line have made for a brilliant partnership, as well as adding significant value to my business.

Anuj Aggarwal
Quick Home Mortgage

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