What Sets Us Apart

Not your ordinary mentoring/coaching programs.

We have a track record of helping mortgage brokers achieve success in the industry like no other.

The programs provided by Masters Broker Group is unique as it covers two key areas:

  • Mentoring Master Class which cover the technical aspects of mortgage broking (as required by the MFAA and FBAA), and
  • Business Coaching, focusing on growing your business - which maximises your chances of success!

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”

Warren Buffet

If you are hungry for success, then join us and let us show you how to succeed in the industry

For the New Broker

(Mentee < 2 Years in the industry)

  • A Mentoring Program that covers the technical and business aspects of creating a successful mortgage broking business
  • Technical Workshops which revolves around peers, with real-time interactions and most of all, around loan scenarios and the work brokers do, instead of memorization and exams.
  • You get our Broker Success Manual which is packed with technical information, practical tips and know-how
  • Reference guides to quick-start your business
  • On-the-job Training, with practical solutions based on real-life scenarios
  • Product and Policy Support – for loan scenarios that are not in the text-books
  • Systems and Processes to ensure that your business is efficient

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For the Existing Broker

(with 2+ Years in the industry)

  • Our personalised coaching program is designed for mortgage brokers who want to be top performers and improve their leadership capabilities
  • Advice, tools and templates to achieve success systematically
  • Broker Resources that are second to none
  • Support for your business growth
  • Strategic Planning for your business
  • Personalised guidance and coaching to keep you accountable
  • A financial roadmap to help you achieve your goals
  • An “Auto-Pilot” System for leads, referrals and an ongoing stream of business

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Other Benefits

  • Learn the best way to succeed, from two of the most successful brokers who have succeeded in the industry
  • Be inspired by someone who has been there before and propel your business to new heights – we have assisted many mortgage brokers in the industry
  • Ownership of your own business (and entitlements to Trail income)
  • You will learn skills, enhance your professional abilities, and access action plans to implement into your own business
  • You will be mentored and coached by two mortgage professionals who have achieved great heights as mortgage brokers
  • Benefit from a commission split that is amongst the highest in the industry: Our members receive 92% upfront and 92% trail – out of the 100% paid by the Lender
  • Become more efficient and productive, with tried and tested systems and processes
  • Be part of our community. Learn from other successful mortgage professionals
  • Get help with your business decisions – you are not alone
  • Increase your revenues in a predictable, sustainable way
  • We conduct regular reviews of your business performance – So your success is inevitable as we keep you accountable
  • You get to attend our Master Class workshops which include the following:
    • Best practice business templates
    • Business planning templates including our Scorecards
    • After Care program systems
    • Workflow management
    • Client settlement survey methods
    • Proven systems to enhance your business

Join us to get the most comprehensive 'How-To' practical knowledge to build your own profitable and sustainable mortgage broking business and let us help you start your journey to growing your own successful mortgage business.

Professional Pathway

Your Pathway to Success

Comprehensive business and performance coaching to suit your mortgage business as you grow.


Broker Start-Up Kit

Business Plan Template

Brand Brief Template

Mentoring New

Mentoring Program

Technical Workshops

Broker Success Manual

Training and Know-How

Practical Solutions

Product & Policy Support

Systems & Processes

Coaching Existing

Advanced Business Workshops

Broker Workshop Manual

Business Growth Resources

Strategic Planning

Personalised Guidance

Financial Road-map

Auto-pilot System

Coaching Advanced Brokers

Black Belt Business Workshops

Performance Coaching

Business & Personal Goal Setting

Rebalancing Key Areas of Business

Strategic Planning

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