Mentoring New Brokers

The mentoring program for new mortgage brokers has been designed around the latest, tried and tested industry best practices.  

This program consists of two mentoring programs: Business Mentoring and Technical Mentoring.

The Business Mentoring component consists of all the systems, practice management, tools and templates a Mortgage/Finance Broker requires to start, grow and build a success finance broking business.

The Technical Mentoring component includes all the technical know-how, processes, and lending tools to help you successfully provide credit advice, and to submit and settle finance applications/submissions to lenders.  The Technical Mentoring component also forms part of the MFAA/FBAA new entrant mentoring requirements.

Mortgage broking would definitely be in the ‘too hard’ basket if it weren’t for Andrew and Mario. I’ve settled 40 loans in the first 9 months and enjoyed constant (all hours) support.
Can’t thank you both enough.

(Winner 2020 - Australian Broking Awards, Newcomer of the Year)

Stuart Murray
Perceptive Finance

The Master Class is a structured program that will cover the following key areas:

  • Marketing planning, business planning and goal setting
  • Sales processes 
  • Customer Relationship Management best practice and systems
  • Compliance and licensing
  • Lender accreditation, products, policies and structures
  • Industry practices and business practice management
  • Tools, systems, processes and templates
  • Case studies and technical papers from industry experts

We built Masters Broker Group to help mortgage brokers and their businesses grow, and we hope that we can achieve that for you.

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