Sense of Urgency

Time is your most precious resource –
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The 3 most powerful words when it comes to closing a deal.

Have you found that some (or many) of your prospects will fluff around when it comes to making a decision and moving forward?

Many brokers seem to also fluff around when it comes to closing the sale. They provide a stream of ongoing valuable advice to their prospects (by keeping in touch), to later find that the business slipped through their fingers.

This not only demotivates you but wastes your valuable time. And as you know, time is the most valuable resource which you can never get back.

The secret to minimise slippage is to follow this methodology:

1) Find out their Highest Value Needs right from the start (in other words, their hot buttons – their “why”)

2) Maintain regular and timely contact to remain top of mind, and to keep reminding them of their “why”

3) Create a sense of urgency. For example: “Dear Client, if you don’t act by this date, I have inside information that credit policy is changing and you won’t qualify to meet your desired loan amount”

Creating a sense of urgency creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in the clients’ mind.

People want to do something, but they generally take their time about it as they often forget their “why”.

Your job is to find their “why”, their hot button, and create that reason in their mind why they need to act fast.

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