The best way to choose a mentor

Seeking a mentor to help you start and grow your new mortgage broking business is one of the most important tasks you need to do. The right mentor can achieve success quicker and more efficiently, and also help…

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What to look for in a mortgage broking mentor?

Mortgage Broking can be one of the most financially and personally rewarding businesses there is. To achieve real and lasting success, you need the right tools and the right guidance. As a new to industry mortgage broker, you…

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PLAN Australia prefers Masters Broker Group for mentoring mortgage brokers

In an update on the PLAN Australia website, Masters Broker Group is now the supplier of choice with PLAN Australia to mentor their new to industry mortgage brokers. The Master Class by Masters Broker Group is aimed at…

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Masters Broker Group at the 2012 MFAA Convention

Andrew Tan and Mario Borg of Masters Broker Group attend the inaugural MFAA Certified Mentor Professional Development Day in conjunction with the 2012 MFAA Convention at Adelaide. The Professional Development day was attended by MFAA Certified Mentors.

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