Take 5 with Michael Lam

Joining Masters Broker Group in 2018, Michael Lam has embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and success in the mortgage broking industry.

His business, 23 Mortgage Solutions, has flourished exponentially, positioning him as a specialist for construction loans.

Michael’s commitment to excellence and willingness to share his expertise have earned him a reputation as one of the esteemed members within our community.

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Michael, providing us with valuable insights into his experiences and journey with Masters Broker Group.

His generosity with his time and advice is a testament to his dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for fellow brokers.

Through this candid conversation, we aimed to capture the essence of his achievements and the influential role our organization has played in his professional development.



What were your motivations for joining Masters Broker Group?

In 2018, during a networking event, I met Adrian Willenberg, another broker with Masters Broker Group.

As a new broker, I mentioned to him about the lack of proper mentorship I was receiving from my mentor at that time.

Adrian advised me to contact Masters Broker Group, assuring me of their comprehensive education and support, not only for loan processing but also for the business aspect.

Intrigued by his recommendation, I reached out to Andrew and Mario at Masters Broker Group and was pleasantly surprised by what was offered and delivered.



What specific benefits have you gained from participating in Masters Broker Group?

The weekly Zoom meetings organized by Masters Broker Group serve multiple purposes.

They provide lender updates, and help share knowledge among brokers, and ensure we remain abreast of the latest lender policies and broker requirements.

This regular communication channel saves time, and we get crucial information.

The support offered by Andrew and Mario is invaluable, especially during the early years of my business.

Through the mentoring system and follow-up phone calls, they provide guidance and support on specific issues with each loan application.

Their personalised assistance helps navigate complex scenarios, further enhancing the learning experience for brokers.


How has the mentoring and coaching helped you grow as a mortgage broker?

The mentoring and coaching provided by Masters Broker Group have been critical in my growth as a mortgage broker.

During the initial years, the regular Zoom meetings, workshops, and comprehensive guidance helped me improve my loan processing skills to get first pass approvals.

It has also helped to streamline loan applications, and develop a deep understanding of lender policies.

This solid foundation was crucial for building confidence and competence in my core responsibilities.

However, the true value is more than just technical.

After the third year, the focus shifted towards personal and professional development under Mario’s guidance.

Mario’s coaching sessions offered invaluable insights into cultivating a growth mindset, setting achievable goals, establishing productive daily habits, effective time management, and maintaining a solutions-oriented approach.

This holistic approach allowed me to take control of my professional journey, enabling me to navigate challenges with resilience and focus on the elements within my control.


What would you recommend to other mortgage brokers who are considering joining Masters Broker Group?

To fellow mortgage brokers contemplating joining Masters Broker Group, my recommendation would be to contact them and have an open conversation with them.

Engaging directly with the other members, especially those like myself who have been part of the group for over five years, will provide invaluable insights into the true value proposition they offer.

The support provided by Masters Broker Group is more than mentoring.

It includes a community of fellow brokers who actively collaborate, share experiences, and offer guidance.  It feels like a family.

This family of brokers, fostered within the group, has been an invaluable resource in my professional growth journey.

By reaching out and hearing firsthand accounts from long-standing members like myself, you will gain a good understanding of what Masters Broker Group provides.


What can we do to make Masters Broker Group even more valuable for mortgage brokers like you?

Having been a part of Masters Broker Group for over five years now, I have reached a stage where I feel confident and self-reliant in my broking activities.

I get a lot of satisfaction from sharing my expertise, especially with construction loans, which has become my area of expertise.

Right now, my primary focus is on giving back to the community by assisting and advising other brokers who are navigating the complexities of house and land loans.

I like that the group encourages knowledge sharing and learning.


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