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Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit us, mortgage brokers have had to adapt to cope with the new lock-down, isolation and physical distancing rules that have been put in place.

One of the ways to cope with this new way of working is to utilise technology.

Here is a list of some of my apps and websites to help you operate your mortgage broking business in this brave new world.


Interviewing clients via Video Conferencing

Most lenders will allow you to interview your clients via video conference instead of an in-person meeting.  But do check in with your compliance team and the lender – to confirm they will allow this.

I have been using Zoom for this.  You can schedule meetings with your clients for a time in the future using your laptop or mobile.  And with their permission you can also record the session.

Zoom allows you to share your computer screen – which is great when I am trying to describe a complicated scenario.   There is also a whiteboard function which you can use to draw/illustrate diagrams on the fly.

There are other alternatives such as Skype  or Google Hangouts which may also work for you.


Verification of Identity (VOI)

With the physical distancing restrictions in place, verification of your clients’ identity can be a challenge.

One of the ways to do this is to utilise one of the remote ID services such as ZipID  or IDyou Remote.

Make sure you check with the lender policy as some lenders may not allow clients to be identified by these methods.


Account Statements

We use CashDeck to help us obtain bank statements from our clients.

Within CashDeck we send a unique link to the client (SMS or email) and the client logs in to the service.  The customer authorises CashDeck to scrape the customer’s bank details, and we receive the statement info.

This process allows us to quickly download all the client’s savings, credit cards and other statements that we require for a home loan application.

The fees are reasonable and it also allows us to customise the message to the client with our business logo and contact details.

Alternatively, you can also try


Document Collection

To obtain documentation from our clients, we have been using FileInvite.

It allows you to list the documents you need and sets a due date.  You can set up templates for lists that you use often.  And the system sends reminders to the client to follow up.

Some of our brokers use EziDox which provides a similar service.


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