The one that “John West” would reject

The one that John West would reject

Remember that tuna commercial by John West from 1987? They repeated it again about 8 years ago.

There’s something in that advert that is very similar in your business. John West (the supplier of tuna products) created a market position in the consumer’s mind that they only package and sell the best tuna and that they would reject the rest.

What about you. Are you taking on clients that make the cut, or are you just wasting time on “the rest”?

Time is your most precious commodity. Use it or lose it. It is that simple!

By now you should have a best practice qualification process.

If you don’t, yell out and ask for help from your mentor. Effective qualification of leads and inquiries is key to decide who makes the cut, or otherwise.

Be wise with your time. It is your most precious commodity.

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